Fall Travel Destinations for The Whole Family

Fall is a wonderful time to take your family on vacation. The weather is crisp, the sky usually clear and the temperatures just right. The best thing is that not only do you get to enjoy the spectacular fall colors all around you also have the chance to get many discounts when it comes to accommodations because you are traveling offseason. If your family could not make it to the beach this summer then consider making the trip in the fall.

Many different shore resorts start offering great discounts right after Labor Day. Even if you cannot go swimming you can enjoy the beach just relaxing and children can still make sandcastles. You can check online because there are many great choices. One of them is a trip to Cape May, New Jersey where there are many other things to do besides beach activities like a wonderful zoo and Nature center. It will also be less crowded and you and your family can enjoy yourselves without having to worry about your children getting lost in the crowd.

If your family enjoys trips to the mountain then fall is a spectacular time to go. The weather is just right for hiking and biking while you are enjoying the lovely fall foliage. The bugs have all retired and the mountain air is fresh and clean. One of the best fall destinations are the mountains of New England. Everywhere you travel like the White Mountains of New Hampshire the colorful views of fall are spectacular.

If you are a family who loves the thrills and chills of amusement parks then fall is the perfect time to go. The temperatures have dropped and many places are surrounded by the wonderful colors of fall. Choose your vacation in a place that also includes fall family festivals like apple and pumpkin picking time. One great destination is the Six Flags Amusement Park in Agawam, Massachusetts where you can not only thrill to the rides but you can enjoy the fall foliage in the Berkshire Mountains. It is a vacation that both big and small can delight in and something exciting to do for everyone.

Other great fall destinations include the national parks all across the country. Every one of them has something delightful to do and see when the fall colors come. One great place to go is The Smoky Mountain National Park which offers a fall foliage prediction map so you can arrive right at the time when the fall colors are the most spectacular.

If your family prefers to enjoy fall in some of the biggest cities when other tourists have left you will arrive to enjoy the cooler temperatures and discounts at hotels and tourist attractions. New York City can be a fun destination where you can also find free activities. You can choose to avoid the prices of hotels and rent an apartment for a few days or stay at a motel outside of Manhattan where you and your family can do your own cooking or find places that accommodate families at a decent price. Then you can enjoy fall in the big city and the best place to enjoy the fall colors are at Central Park in Manhattan and other parks around the city. If the weather permits you can even picnic as the leaves are falling.

How to Build a Book Case in 7 Easy Steps

For those that love to read, taking care of your books is one of the first essentials to keeping the story alive. You will want to make sure each book properly stores in a safe location and can be accessed at any point you feel the desire to dive back into each adventure. Therefore, building a bookshelf is fast and efficient in keeping your books maintained and safe. In the following brief, you will learn a simple process on how to build your own bookshelf that you will be proud to own.
1. Gather The Tools
When first deciding to build a bookshelf you want to get all the materials that are required so the project can be completed faster. Here are the tools you will need: Pencil, Tape Measure, T-square, Wood Glue, miter saw, router, table saw, level, finish nailer or hammer, a lot of finish nails or a box of nails, decorative moldings or thin pieces of wood if wanted for extra design, 3/4in plywood, 1 1/4in poplar, paint or wood stain.
2. Location Choice & Measurements
After you have obtained all the materials you need to then pick out the location you want your bookshelf to sit. Then go and take some measurements down on how high and how wide your bookshelf will be.
3. Cut The Wood
Once the measurements are taken, you can then cut the plywood for the top and sides of the bookshelf. Use the table saw to get the accurate measurements for the width of the bookshelf. Once that is achieved, you will then want to cut the length. Using the miter saw cut the top, sides and inner shelves. The inner shelves should be used with the smaller lumber, but make sure that your cuts are precise as possible. You can use a router to get a good rabbet cut. This will allow the shelves to support more weight.
4. Place Them
Once your wood is cut to the proper dimensions, you can then start to assemble the bookshelf. Using the T-square tool, you can align the shelves, sides, and top to the appropriate locations and mark them for easier assembly.
5. Nail The Sides And Top
Using the nailer or a hammer and nails, appropriately align the sides with the top and nail them together. Then take the wood glue and carefully line inner shelves with a small drawn outline of glue. Make sure to not glue the front of the shelf only the sides and the back. Place the shelves in their proper location, usually around 16” apart and then use the nailer to lock them into place.
6. Optional (Adding Front Beams)
If you’re looking to get a professional looking bookshelf, then get a few additional pieces of lumber that are cut about 1” width, and the length of the bookshelf. You might also want to make one for the top and the shelves to give more of a professional look. Using the wood glue, make a small bead on the inside and place it along the edges of the shelf. It will be a border for the shelf and allow books to be more secure. If you do not want the bordered look, you can always add a molded design on each edge of the shelf for a unique look.
7. Place and Enjoy
After the full assembly of the shelf, you can then paint or stain it to finish the ultimate look of your bookshelf. Once that is dry, place it in its desired location and enjoy the benefits that it brings to your home.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, building a bookshelf is a great gift idea for your loved one, or for multiple uses in your home. It can be used for not only books but also your collectibles and trinkets. As long as you have your dimensions carefully written down and marked on the wood before cutting, the assembly of the bookshelf will fall perfectly into place. Therefore, try it now to see what you can accomplish by building a bookshelf, you will not regret your decision to do so.