Working on Your Home? These Upgrades Matter Most!

Whether you are working on your home to make necessary improvements for you to enjoy or to get it ready to sell there are a few upgrades that definitely matter the most.

  • Upgrade kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Replace drafty old windows with new ones.
  • Update HVAC, Water heater and dated appliances. Replace with energy saving units if possible.
  • Focus on necessary upgrades such as roofs, electrical and plumbing.
  • Update the landscaping to improve curb appeal.

Any trusted real estate professional will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. If your kitchen or bathroom is lack-luster and needs serious cosmetic updates; you will want to make these a priority.

Updating a kitchen can be as simple or extravagant as you want. A simple DIY (do it yourself) kitchen upgrade would include painting or re-staining outdated cabinets and updating all hardware. This is a weekend project that you can do or you can hire a professional cabinet painter or refinisher to do. A fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls and updated window treatments will make the kitchen feel new again. To take the kitchen update a step further you can have new floors, counter tops and a new sink installed. If the appliances are dated you should consider replacing those as well. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. This is the room where families, friends and neighbors congregate and bond; it makes sense to make this space as updated and comfortable as possible.

A bathroom update is also similar to a kitchen update. Depending upon the state of your bathroom you may be able to update it with a simple weekend worth of do it yourself projects. A fresh coat of paint, new light fixture and framed mirror can completely change the space. In some cases you may need to also paint storage cabinets, update the counter top and sink and replace the toilet. If you have a bath tub in your bathroom that is showing signs of distress you can hire a professional tub re-glazing company to bring back the tubs previous glory.

Believe it or not; there are repairs beyond kitchens and bathrooms that make a huge difference in a home. These are not so much cosmetic repairs as they are functional repairs. You will benefit from new windows that do not leak air and a new HVAC system and hot water heater. Many of these are energy saving appliances that provide both functionality and utility bill savings. If you are staying in your home and not listing it for sale you will benefit for years to come when you make these money saving updates. If you are planning on listing your home these are appealing updates for potential buyers.

Cosmetic and functional money saving upgrades are not the only upgrades homeowners need to focus on. Another category of upgrades that matter most are the necessary upgrades. If you know your roof needs to be replaced or your electrical needs to be updated you must take these upgrades seriously. A leaking roof can cause catastrophic damage and costly repairs. Outdated electrical wiring can often pose a risk as a fire hazard. Old plumbing and dated septic systems are also necessary updates that could prevent costly repair bills from occurring.

The last type of upgrade that matters when working on a home is the curb appeal. You want to drive up to a home that is welcoming and well-manicured. If you are listing your home you will want your potential buyers to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed by over grown bushes, trees and dead grass. If you do not have a green thumb you may want to consider hiring a landscape company to either clean up and cut back your over grown landscaping or incorporate some hearty and appealing plants to under-landscaped and dull lawns.

Upgrading your home will benefit you in a few ways. You will be proud of your accomplishments and your upgraded home. Some of these repairs will save you money on utility bills and others will provide peace of mind knowing your home is updated and secure.